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Training and Human Resource Development with TCR Evolve

TCR Advanced offers more than 200 services, has conducted over 600 plus failure investigations, and has a cumulative industry experience of 500 years. Having served more than 1700 clients, TCR has gained global recognition. Due to its extensive experience working with the best industry leaders and its research capabilities, The vast experience of TCR in problem-solving for a broad spectrum of industries has helped TCR in gaining considerable data for failure mechanisms, industrial practices and industrial approach to investigation.TCR has over the years compiled large knowledge repositories that could offer tremendous learning opportunities for the metallurgical community. TCR Evolve was born out of the desire to share the gained knowledge with aspiring as well as existing metallurgists.

TCR Evolve aims to build a technically proficient manpower pool to meet global industry requirements. It offers a vast and comprehensive array of skill-based development programs at its flagship center in Vadodara. TCR Evolve conducts short-term courses and provides training and developments solutions to individuals, enterprises, and institutions. Training programs at TCR Evolve are conducted by industry veterans and subject matter experts who employ the latest pedagogy for a seamless learning experience. Some of the courses offered include​:

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Failure investigation of boilers and related equipment
  • Boiler inspection
  • Advanced material testing
  • Fundamentals of metallurgy
  • Metallurgy for non-metallurgists

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