Energy Audit

Energy Audit

TCR Advanced conducts an energy audit for inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flow for the purpose of energy conservation in a building, process plant or system. Our team of experts will help you reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). In commercial and industrial real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expenditure and carbon footprints.

The term energy audit is commonly used to describe a broad spectrum of studies which can be bifurcated into three types:

Preliminary Energy Audit

To establish energy consumption, estimating the scope for energy saving, prioritization of area of energy improvement, identifying immediate energy saving potential, setting up of baseline reference and determining the area for a detailed study

Targeted Energy Audit

Based on a preliminary audit, detailed analysis is conducted to achieve targeted energy efficiency.

Detailed Energy Audit - A comprehensive Audit

A detailed study of energy consumption is conducted, which is supported by an analysis of energy expenditure. Post this, recommendations with cost-benefit computation for reducing energy consumption and project implementation guidelines are provided. The audit also includes monitoring the implementation of the recommendations and achieving the defined goal for energy reduction.

Benefits of Energy Audit

With TCR Advanced's energy audit capability, clients are able to meet energy reduction goals effectively

  • Energy Audit will lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced energy bills
  • Reduced energy bill will improve competitiveness
  • Energy efficiency results in increased productivity
  • Better work practices for energy efficiency & improved quality product
  • Increased profits
  • Enhanced position in the market for being an energy efficient entity
  • Acts as a motivation for employees to safeguard the environment