Welding Solutions

Welding Solutions for Critical Weld Problems

TCR Advanced has expertise in handling critical

welding solutions

for the aged plant components. Considering the limited material resources and expensive replacement with new components, the repair weld solutions can salvage the critical components of the process plant and can result in huge cost saving in terms of production loss. The repair weld technology requires an in-depth understanding of the metallurgical aspects (both physical metallurgy and welding technology) vis-à-vis operating conditions.

When any plant or critical machinery component undergoes breakdown an immediate solution is necessary. Many times the repair welding is done with little or no understanding about the consequences that arise out of metallurgical changes. They prove to be disastrous and, as a result of this, at times the management can doubt the technical competence of its staff. This lack of understanding could also lead to hasty decisions of replacing the components at a premium cost.

Across all the industries, a systematic metallurgical investigation helps in assessing the extent and nature of degradation. TCR Advanced has helped several industries by providing

welding solutions

on critical pump casing, shaft, nitrided components, reformers among others.


Our technical consulting team can be approached with a detailed history of the problem. The team member can reach your site within 24 hours and start collecting information and data on the components to be repaired. Sometimes for a successful repair, a mock test is necessary from the same material especially for the aged material of similar grade. In case, it is not available, virgin material of a similar grade is used. A mock test will establish confidence in welder and welding parameters.

After successful welding, NDT testing is recommended to ensure trouble-free weld joint for future service.

Scope of Service

Welding Procedure Qualification & Welder Qualification

TCR Advanced has expertise in welding solutions with established procedures such as Welding procedure specification (WPS), Procedure qualification record (PQR) and welder performance qualification (WPQ).

Comprehensive welder certification and welding procedure program
  • Welder Qualification Testing for performance qualification and certification of welders (a welder/welding operator performances qualification - WQT) to ASME, ANSI, AWS, API code
  • Preparation for Weld Procedure Qualification that is relevant for either the project or any client requirements
  • Coupon Testing as per Weld Procedure Qualification including visual examination, mechanical testing, metallographic examination and non-destructive testing
  • Documentation of the Procedure Qualification Record as per ASME, ANSI, AWS, API codes
  • Detailed weld inspection including a review of the qualification e.g. weld procedure specification, welder performance qualification, validity for process materials and consumable items, equipment, setup and other factors including certificates of calibration and/or conformity governing the task
  • Ascertain safety of operations for self, welder and other workers in the vicinity, particularly ultraviolet radiation from arc during welding