Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

TCR Advanced served the world's largest grassroots refinery Reliance Industries Ltd. (Jamnagar) right from its inception. It also advises national oil and government companies (IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, CPCL, MRPL, HMEL, Bina Refinery, Haldia Petrochemical, Nayra Energy), international commercial oil & gas organizations (Petronet LNG, GAIL, Mahanagar GAS, Hazira LNG, Adani Gas, Reliance Gas Transportation, British Gas), petrochemical producers, and refineries across the globe including Sabic (Saudi Arabia), Aramco (Saudi Arabia), Meena Madira Refinery (Kuwait) and Pmax (Mexico), as they continuously compete in a dynamic industry. From maximizing their asset integrity to deploying the latest methodologies, TCR helps customers develop the right strategy that leads to having an enduring advantage.

Increase in demand has led to the processing of lower-grade crude with higher levels of Sulphur and chloride. This has posed a great challenge to the existing equipment. Having worked in over 1500+ failure investigations, TCR Advanced understands the damage mechanisms that arise out of these impurities. In compliance with international standards, TCR's team of industry experts analyzes data and develops customized welding solutions for prevention and deterioration of corrosion.

Our deep understanding of Oil & Gas vertical stems from having an in-house team of industry veterans, as well as former employees of large oil and gas companies. Due to this, TCR Advanced has comprehensive expertise on existing damage mechanism as per API specifications and can provide distinctive solutions. Our team can correlate and eliminate unusual damage mechanisms in the industry and has expertise in corrosion, hydrogen damage, sulfide corrosion, and high-temperature, high-pressure degradation in typical oil and gas production and processing applications.

TCR Advanced Client Advantage

TCR is among the few companies across the globe that has worked on the failure of 6 hydrocracker reactor, failure of reactor effluent air cooler, coker drum, isomerization reactor, and many other such complex challenges. TCR has allowed pressure vessels with defects in hydrogen services by adopting the FFS approach. TCR Advanced has the distinct ability to provide engineering solutions by combining metallurgical knowledge with observed evidence and then correlating it with the process, material, and fabrication. This unique advantage makes TCR a trusted service provider for refineries like RIL, IOCL, HMEL, BPCL, and BORL for emergency solutions.

TCR has many refinery experts such as Dr. V.R. Krisnan in the field of design, corrosion, and inspection who can help make quick and credible assessments based on the samples provided by refineries. TCR's capability to comprehensively gauge a challenge paves the way for problem resolution

Oil & Gas

TCR Advanced Expertise

TCR has developed crawler-based hydrogen reformer tube inspection services (Artis) along with Fitness For Service Assessments by developing proprietary technique generated from various field samples of industries. Critical Damages like High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack, Hydrogen Induced Cracking and Corrosion Under Insulation are a serious threat to refineries, These damages can be identified by Advanced Non-Destructive Testing like UltraSonics and Remote Field Eddy Current Testing, which can help avoid disasters. With Advanced Metallurgical development, new alloys have been introduced to increase reliability. TCR has analyzed and evaluated these techniques and effectively used them in projects to enhance performance and productivity.

To expedite the judgment of damages, TCR has deputed metallurgical experts and laboratory-based high power microscope on-site, enabling clients to make informed and timely decisions to avoid delays and improve cost efficiency.

Critical Components

1. Heat Exchangers

2. Pressure Vessels and Reactors

3. Columns, Reboilers

4. Absorbers

5. Converter

6. Distillation Column

7. Hydrocracker Reactors

8. Hydrotreater Reactors


10. Hydrogenation Reactor

11. Isomerization Reactor

12. Reformers

13. Crude Heaters

14. Sore Water Stripper

Unique Capabilities

1. Remaining life assessment

2. Root cause analysis

3. Fire damage assessment

4. Material selection

5. In-situ metallography

6. Training in Operation and Maintenance

7. Helium Leak Detection

8. Corrosion studies






Remaining Life



Fitness For



In Situ

Key Insights & Knowledge

Gain insights, learn and benefit from TCR's intellectual diversity. TCR has acquired in-depth knowledge by serving global clients across geographies in the fabrication industry. Download our powerful client case studies for a unique perspective and expert analysis. TCR teams go beyond the obvious to create value in unprecedented ways for their clients

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