Oil and Gas Industry

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Oil and Gas
Oil and gas industry faces not only the corrosion related problems but also the problems pertaining to issues related to overloading, environment and thermal effects. Besides this, this sector has to bear with the fluctuating prices of raw materials like crude and gas governing their profitability. There are very high safety norms laid down for safety of environment and mankind especially for this sector. In view of the demand for un-interrupted supply of fuel, oil and gas companies cannot afford to have undesired forced shutdowns at any cost.

TCR Expertise

We at TCR are having vast experience in the failure investigation of components and equipment used for on-shore and off-shore services. Solution for major issues such as sea water corrosion of on-shore set-up, microbial corrosion for cross country pipelines; corrosion and thermal related failures of refineries are some of the important areas of our expertise and we have been instrumental in solving problems related to them. We have the experience of working for even overseas clients in this field.