Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

TCR is a leading service provider to the world’s largest petrochemical companies like SABIC, SADARA, Saudi Chevron, Tasnee, Sahara Petrochemical company at Saudi Arabia, RIL group of companies, GAIL, Haldia petrochemical, OPaL and many others. The petrochemical industry runs on huge investments and any downtime is detrimental to their operations. For sustainable growth in the bottom line, It is imperative that shutdowns are either minimized or there is a quick plant turnaround. TCR’s motivated multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and industry experts combine global experience, proprietary methodologies, and insights to help clients respond to changes efficiently and assist them in unlocking significant value.

As an industry expert, TCR Advanced has been invited to share its knowledge and present papers at various national and international forums. It also regularly conducts several specialized training programs on damage mechanism for boiler tubes.

TCR Advanced’s Managing Director, Paresh Haribhakti has authored 'Boiler Tube Failure Investigation, A Comprehensive Approach' that has been published by ASM International USA.

TCR Advanced Client Advantage

TCR Advanced believes that plant failure is an effect and not usually the cause of shutdowns and hence it has the unique ability to convert such incidents into an opportunity for better asset integrity management. TCR’s adopts a consolidated approach to identify the root causes and provides comprehensive solutions that improve plant performance. We help our clients solve their toughest problems and are committed to ensuring the continuous availability of their equipment, minimized downtime and promoting sustainable business growth.

TCR Advanced is well-known for its accurate diagnosis of complex problems plaguing the petrochemical domain. TCR is a leading solutions provider and is sought after by the industry because of its competence to identify the real cause of failure and the ability to solve critical problems efficiently.

A subject matter expert, Paresh Haribhakti, Managing Director TCR Advanced has authored 'Boiler Tube Failure Investigation, A Comprehensive Approach' and has the rare honor of being published by ASM International USA. He leads all investigations at TCR Advanced enabling his customers to become more competitive while minimizing shutdowns, improving margins and simultaneously enhancing profitability.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

TCR Advanced Expertise

TCR employs the use of Crawler base techniques that have tremendously helped the industry to inspect the cracker tubes. We also conduct an advanced ultrasonic inspection for high-temperature hydrogen attack and identify the onset of damages on the critical path equipment by adopting in situ metallography. Our multi-disciplinary teams consist of industry veterans, skilled professionals and experts from academia who help us to propose unique solutions for corrosion and metallurgical problems.

Critical Components

1. Ethylene cracking furnaces

2. Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers (PFHEs)

3. Packaged Units/ cold boxes

4. Pressure Swing Adsorption

5. Incinerators

6. Cryogenic Tanks

Unique Capabilities

1. Cracker tube life management

2. Damage mechanism to correlate NDT results to provide run repair or retire decision






Remaining Life



RLA based on
tube samples




Key Insights & Knowledge

Gain insights, learn and benefit from TCR's intellectual diversity. TCR has acquired in-depth knowledge by serving global clients across geographies in the fabrication industry. Download our powerful client case studies for a unique perspective and expert analysis. TCR teams go beyond the obvious to create value in unprecedented ways for their clients

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