Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

—Challenges always

Chemical and Petrochemical
Chemical and Petrochemical Industry —Challenges always Chemical and petrochemical industry services Chemical and petrochemical industries face the challenges of corrosion, high temperature oxidation, erosion, erosion-corrosion, thermal fatigue, etc. at high temperature as well as at low temperature. Hence, a wide variety of materials having different metallurgy are used to overcome corrosion related problems. Chemical and petrochemical industries always have to be on their toes to run the plant keeping safety of mankind, assets as well as environment. Not only this, these companies cannot afford to have undesired forced shutdowns in view of the huge monitory losses and the peculiar process demands. All this, demands an immediate attention to the problem and its in-depth investigation.

TCR Expertise

TCR Advanced has a team of experts in the field of material testing including NDT practices and asset integrity management in the area of chemical and petrochemicals. Failure investigation cell of TCR Advanced has solved numerous cases related to metallurgy of LTCS, austenitic stainless steel, super-duplex steels to exotic Ni-base alloys used for high temperature applications. According to our experience RBI has emerged as a very useful approach in targeting the damage mechanisms with respect to operating conditions, lessening the scope of inspection and reducing the turnaround time