Specialized Metallography Service

Specialized Metallography service

especially color metallography, is one of the strongest capabilities of TCR owing to its extensive research in this area of work. TCR has expertise in determining the various phases of the microstructure of material using color etching technique, which is commonly known as 'tint etching'. This etching has been used to color the phases present in many alloys such as cast irons, steels, stainless steels, nickel-base alloys, copper- base alloys, etc. for their phase identification. Color metallography is a useful method for characterizing microstructures of steel with multiple phases.

However, the accuracy of this method depends on the metallographer's ability & skill to reveal the microstructural constituents of a specimen with sufficient contrast to allow rapid identification either by manual techniques or through the use of an automated Image Analyser. More than a science, color


is art for developing the microstructure that can distinguish the phases from each. TCR's team of metallographers are highly skilled to provide this service efficiently.

TCR's metallurgists have vast experience in the interpretation of color metallographs and have developed specialized polishing and etching techniques that can develop a perfect contrast to enable a person to distinguish between the phases, precisely.

Scope of Service

TCR Advanced provides a range of specialized Metallography services including

Colour metallography
  • To determine the percentage of bainite, martensite & ferrite in hardened & tempered steel
  • To determine the percentage of Delta ferrite in stainless steel weld
  • Intermetallic phases To measure the ferrite & austenite percentage in duplex stainless steel using the point count method chi, laves, sigma, etc. in duplex stainless steel
  • Under Characterization of Cast irons to determine the percentage of phases like pearlite, ferrite, graphite nodules, ledeburite, cementite, etc.
  • To determine the percentage of Primary and secondary carbides in High Carbon-High Chrome (HCHC) steel
  • To determine the percentage of Retained austenite in hardened & tempered steel
  • Phase identification in copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum bronze alloys etc.
Other Usage
  • Characterization of thermal spray coating using specialized technique as per ASTM E192
  • Characterization of aged structure for rejuvenation purpose using heat-treatment for aged structure
  • Characterization of 'gamma prime' phase in aged gas turbine components
  • Characterization of carbides using Dr. Vogel's reagent for centrifugally cast heater/furnace tubes
  • Characterization of vacuum hardening & sub-zero heat-treated steel for wear resistance properties
  • Macrostructure using NACE TM0498 for finding carburization depth of furnace tubes