At TCR Advanced, we are game-changers. We have provided breakthrough solutions for QAFCO (the world's largest fertilizer company), Omifco (Oman), SAFCO (Sabic, KSA), GPIC (Bahrain), Notore (Nigeria), Indorama (Nigeria) as well as all the major fertilizers industries like GSFC, GNFC, CFCL, NFCL, Deepak, IFFCO, Zuari Agro, Coromandel in India. With our insights, our clients have generated substantial economic value, improved their efficiency and enhanced enterprise-wide capability for unprecedented levels of business performance with safety.

With Fitness For Service (FFS), TCR Advanced presents innovative workable solutions for repairs of aged exotic materials. Our distinctive inspection methodology includes the development of automatic reformer tube inspection system (ARTiS), which has helped many fertilizers industries to shorten the inspection time and reduce cost by avoiding scaffolding. TCR has developed multi-disciplinary inspection methodologies to provide accurate life assessment of the reformer tubes. TCR's global dominance in the fertilizer industry ensures a seamless experience for all its customers.

TCR Advanced is recognized by customers as a thought leader in the industry and has been invited to present several papers at Fertilizer Association of India (FAI), in addition to keynote addresses across prestigious conferences on failure investigation, welding, and FFS.

TCR Advanced Client Advantage

TCR Advanced has a proficient team with deep sectoral knowledge and significant domain experience. Many among TCR's professionals are leading industry veterans, having the competence to provide advanced engineering design and inspection solutions. TCR's proven Life Assessment methodologies based on ARTiS, has helped 40 reformer units with over 7,500 tubes. TCR's comprehensive advisory approach provides solutions with quality assurance that primarily establishes integrity, safety and translates into higher economic benefit.


TCR Advanced Expertise

With our Fitness For Service (FFS) expertise, clients can operate their equipment even with defects or accidental fires. TCR has an in-depth understanding of damage mechanisms and hence identifies problems even before failure. TCR extensively uses RBI technology to help clients increase the run length time of critical equipments such as the Ammonia Storage Tanks. Components like synthesis line, converter, methantor, reformer tubes, reformer headers, outlet pigtails, are dealing with the uncertainty of hidden damages like creep, aging, hydrogen attack, nitriding leading to unscheduled shutdown. TCR has expertise in identifying underlying damages for taking timely corrective actions.

Critical Components
Ammonia Plant
  • De-Sulfurizers
  • Naptha preheater
  • Primary reformer
  • Waster heat boiler
  • Secondary Reformer / ISR
  • Absorbers/Regenerators
  • Pressure swing absorbers
  • Convertor
  • Synthesis section
  • Air separation unit
  • Nitrogen storage tank
  • Ammonia storage tanks
Urea Plant
  • Urea reactor
  • Urea decomposer
  • Carbamate exchangers
  • Allied piping
Phosphatic Fertilizers
  • Waste heat boiler
  • Reboilers
  • Tanks
  • Digester
  • Filters
Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • Furnace
  • WHB
  • Steam superheater
  • Convertor
  • Absorption tower
  • Acid coolers
  • Caprolactam and Melamine
Unique Capabilities

1. ARTiS for primary reformer tube inspection and life assessment. Specialized proprietary database to provide accurate retirement of each reformer tubes based on FFS criteria as per API 579 ASME FFS1

2. Advanced UT-based technique for HTHA damage identification in hydrogen service equipment/piping

3. Advanced TOFD and PAUT application for pressure vessels

4. In Situ Metallography for predictive maintenance supported by over 1,00,000 microstructure database

5. Unique facility to correlate corrosion and metallurgical aspect for specific process know-how

6. One stop solution for heat exchanger inspections: Videoscopy, ECT, RFET, IRIS, Helium Leak Test, Thermography

7. Deep understanding about Damage Mechanisms for fertilizer industry






Remaining Life



Fitness for




Key Insights & Knowledge

Gain insights, learn and benefit from TCR's intellectual diversity. TCR has acquired in-depth knowledge by serving global clients across geographies in the fabrication industry. Download our powerful client case studies for a unique perspective and expert analysis. TCR teams go beyond the obvious to create value in unprecedented ways for their clients

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