Power Generation Industry



Power Generation Industry

is the backbone of modern society, providing the essential electricity that powers our homes, businesses, and infrastructure. From traditional fossil fuel-based power plants to innovative renewable energy sources, this dynamic industry is constantly evolving to meet the growing demands for reliable and sustainable energy.

As a global thought leader, TCR Advanced drives new ideas, manages complex challenges and delivers pragmatic solutions for effective plant management. Since failure is an effect and not the cause, TCR has the unique ability to predict and prevent issues in the future based on failure analysis. TCR actively adopts an integrated multi-disciplinary approach and uses Knowledge-based Inspection for enhancement of plant life. TCR promotes a comprehensive Asset Integrity management approach to meet challenges and transforming it into a lever of success for its clients.

In the rapidly evolving world of power generation, TCR Advanced has emerged as a trailblazer, offering innovative solutions that are transforming the Power Generation Industry. As a leading provider of cutting-edge technology, TCR Advanced is dedicated to empowering energy producers with the tools they need to meet the growing demand for sustainable, efficient, and reliable power.

As the global demand for energy continues to rise, the power generation industry is tasked with the challenge of meeting this growing need in a sustainable and environmentally-responsible manner. Companies in this sector are at the forefront of developing innovative technologies and strategies to generate electricity efficiently, reliably, and with a reduced carbon footprint.

TCR is a trusted partner for SWCC, SEC, (Saudi Arabia) MEW (Kuwait), Sewage power plant (Egypt) and all major power companies in India like NTPC, Adani, Lenka, TATA Power, Reliance Power, CLP, Vedanta, Torrent power, Jindal power, GSECL, LANCO POWER, TSPL, GIPCL, SUZLON energy for various RLA and Boiler tube failure investigation. For turbines, TCR has worked across advanced NDT and remaining life assessment for major Global giants including GE, Alstom, Siemens, Man-Turbo, and Dresser-Rand.

At the heart of the power generation industry is the vast network of transmission lines, substations, and distribution systems that make up the power grid. This intricate infrastructure is responsible for delivering the electricity generated by power plants to homes and businesses across the country.

The Central Boiler Board of India has approved TCR Advanced as a “Well Known Remanant Life Assessment Organization” and also as a “Well Known Material Testing Laboratory”. TCR has executed numerous RLA assignments for package boilers, heat recovery boilers, power plant boilers along with RLA of compressor rotors and turbines.

As an industry expert, TCR Advanced has presented its path-breaking knowledge at various national and international forums such as STEAMTECH 2018. TCR has conducted several special training programs on damage mechanism for boiler tubes.

TCR Advanced Client Advantage

A subject matter expert, Paresh Haribhakti, Managing Director, TCR Advanced has authored 'Boiler Tube Failure Investigation: A Comprehensive Approach' and has the rare honor of being published by ASM International USA. He leads all boiler tube investigations at TCR Advanced enabling his customers to become more competitive while minimizing shutdowns, improving margins and simultaneously enhancing profitability. TCR is an established authority on boiler tube failure investigation and has the distinct capability to unfold complex damage mechanism. With its comprehensive knowledge on boiler operation and turbine design, TCR is adept at sorting challenges of both new as well as aging power plants.

At TCR, experienced teams comprising of the industry veterans can not only diagnose the problem but also provide remedial measures that optimize asset integrity.


TCR Advanced Expertise

TCR Advanced has led several investigations and developed a proprietary approach to understanding the correlation of metallurgical damage between operations and maintenance to improve reliability. Characterization of the magnetite layer can reveal details about the boiler operation and its effect on tube life. The data obtained from the boiler tube damage can mitigate future damage and enable formulation of a preventive plan. TCR specializes in-situ metallography and effectively uses advanced NDT for current problem-solving as well as predictive and preventive diagnosis. TCR also uses Internal oxide scale measurement of boiler tube, Advanced UT scanning for HTHA damage and REFT scanning of water wall tubes. TCR are experts in assessing the health and remaining life assessment and are highly skilled in creating the best quality replica microstructures. Periodic monitoring of microstructure damage can pinpoint operational aspects by predicting the tube metal temperature based on microstructure degradations. TCR ensures quick diagnosis, pragmatic solutions, minimum downtime and optimized asset integrity management

Critical Components
  • Coal Mill Components
  • Submersible Water Feed pumps
  • Feed Water Pre-heater
  • De-Aerator
  • Economizer
  • Steam Drum
  • Water Wall Tubes
  • Super Heater Tubes
  • Reheater Tubes
  • Condensers
  • Main Steam line
  • Reheater Line
  • TSPV Valves
  • Turbine Piping
  • Casing
  • Rotor (LP, MP, HP)
  • Diaphrams
  • Nozzles
Unique Capabilities

TCR has worked for all kinds of boilers including spiral, package, utility, co-generation, CFBC, sub-critical, supercritical and has developed an entire panoramic approach to look at the problems in the right perspective with a variety of Boiler Manufacturing companies. Our understanding of different designs from diverse manufacturers has provided us with a unique advantage in the field of identification of specific Damage Mechanism helping us provide you with expert suggestions on preventing failures, improving reliability and extending life.






Remaining Life



Fitness for




Key Insights & Knowledge

Gain insights, learn and benefit from TCR's intellectual diversity. TCR has acquired in-depth knowledge by serving global clients across geographies in the fabrication industry. Download our powerful client case studies for a unique perspective and expert analysis. TCR teams go beyond the obvious to create value in unprecedented ways for their clients

Failure investigation of superheater tubes of boiler U-bend


Failure investigation of Platen Reheater Tube


Failure investigation of Economizer Upper Bank Tube in Supercritical Boiler


Investigation of Front Water wall Tube of Supercritical Boiler