Material Selection

Material Selection

TCR has a large database on material degradations vis-à-vis different chemical applications from -273 to +1000 °C, and vacuum to 600 kg/cm2 pressure. This covers a vast variety of process parameters in arduous chemical environments.

Our corrosion and metallurgical experts with the help of design experts can undertake challenges related to material selection for chemical and petrochemical industries especially for:

  • Establishing new process applications
  • To increase the life of a component
  • Changes in Design
  • Engineering components

The laboratory is equipped with specific testing machines, advanced metallography and accelerated corrosion testing like electrochemical testing.

Weight loss experiments: Samples of different metals/alloys are exposed to simulated or actual process plant solution in the laboratory, with and without stirring. Coupons of different metals/alloys are exposed to actual plant environment and a systematic approach is formulated, based on the requirement of intended services, literate survey and relevant standards like NACE, ASTM and API. The laboratory study is performed on the exposed sample to categorize the performance and a suitable MOC is recommended. Electrochemical experiments to find out relative corrosion resistance is performed by accelerated testing under laboratory conditions. MOC selection is done with off the shelf database and is combined with the experience of other experts drawn from published literature.

Vendor Evaluation

Vendor evaluation is a system for recording and ranking the performance of a supplier in terms of a variety of issues, which may include delivery performance and the quality of components. TCR helps in assessing and approving the potential line of suppliers of the company through various quantitative and qualitative evaluation measures. TCR's services include:

  • Factory audit
  • Process audit for metallurgical components
  • Q.C. audit
  • Design review