Technical Support for Indigenization & Import Substitution

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TCR Advanced has the cutting edge equipment and expertise to improve upon the quality of finished components to meet the international standards & specifications and ensure their safe and reliable functioning.
It includes components such as machine tools, dies, press parts, gears, shafts, axles, engine parts, parts for pumps and compressors, automobile parts, etc. for end applications in engineering, chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer industries.
The goal here is to unfold the metallurgical status / properties of imported components, by destructive / nondestructive testing, to generate base-line standard for indigenization. Technical help is provided to decide manufacturing route and guidance is provided to derive quality checks on indigenously developed components by using the reverse engineering approach.
TCR Advanced—in view of its long standing experience in material selection, testing and failure investigation—is a single-window platform for jobs related to Indigenization & Import substitution.
We can help you in:
  • Procurement of raw material
  • Selection and purchase specifications of raw material
  • Metallurgical properties of components, beyond chemical composition and strength
  • Heat treatment of components
  • Stringent quality control and checks