Indigenization Technical

Technical Support for Indigenization & Import Substitution

TCR Advanced has cutting edge equipment and extensive expertise to improve the quality of finished components in order to meet international standards & specifications. Our team of technical experts ensures safe and reliable functioning of components such as machine tools, dies, press parts, gears, shafts, axles, engine parts, parts for pumps and compressors, automobile parts, etc. for end applications in engineering, chemical, petrochemical, and fertilizer industries.

The goal is to unfold the metallurgical status/properties of imported components by destructive/nondestructive testing and to generate the baseline standard for indigenization. TCR's ISO 17025 certified material testing laboratory delivers best-in-class services consistently to customers around the world. Their deep industry knowledge ensures its performance and service quality are exemplary and they meet all the requirements, whether it is compliance, regulatory or client specific. TCR helps in augmenting the integrity and efficiency of equipment by creating a safe working condition for employees.


Technical Help for Indigenization

In order to generate a baseline standard for indigenization, multiple metallurgical studies are undertaken to identify the status and properties of imported components by different methods including destructive/non-destructive studies. Technical help is provided to decide on the right manufacturing route or process and to develop quality checks on indigenously created components. TCR’s proprietary approach seeks structural details from the client across several areas to optimize indigenization support:


Working condition of component


Type of loading and stresses


Design and operation condition


Service history of component


Life of an important component


Single-window platform for jobs related to Indigenization & Import substitution

With over 20 years of service, TCR Advanced Engineering has built a team that not only possesses a strong engineering background but also has a track record of performing quality analysis (QA) and technical help to decide manufacturing route. The team offers consulting solutions and guidance for quality checks on indigenously developed components by using a reverse engineering approach based on the latest technological advances that incorporate all current national and international norms.

On successful completion of the final random inspection, a detailed report is shared with the client. TCR Advanced Inspection Certificate is issued to the manufacturer/trader to validate the product quality and highlight the positive parameters.


TCR Advanced Engineering Factory Audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet the contract conditions on all parameters that include quality, quantity and delivery terms. These assessments are typically tailor-made as per the client's needs and requirements. When clients avail this service, they can rely on TCR and eliminate the need for their presence either on-site or at the manufacturer's plant or factory


TCR conducts on-site visits to the supplier/manufacturer's plant to determine and evaluate fabrication techniques, assembly procedures, quality issues and makes sure that the production process meets the client specified requirement. The Inspections can span from continuous on-site photography and logging, laboratory analysis to secure storage. Before initiating raw material inspection service, TCR obtains a detailed data sheet for the assignment. Material Inspection Services are essential to ensure that all the material supplied meets the client/project defined specifications.


TCR inspectors can select a predetermined number of samples at the production stage from a factory, seal them, label and send them to its material testing laboratory for testing based on customer requirements. At TCR Advanced Engineering, the material testing laboratory provides Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Non-Destructive Testing, Metallography, Corrosion Testing, Failure Analysis, Raw Material Inspection, Metallurgical Product evaluation, Engineering Research and Consulting services


The inspection team from TCR Advanced Engineering, based on the client's instructions and Purchase Order specifications can perform a visual inspection of products that are available at the start of a production cycle. The "Initial Production Check" along with a "Final Random Inspection" and other in-line production checks assists in taking corrective actions at early stages of the production cycle. The inspection team sends out intermediary reports to the client and keeps them informed about the production progress relative to the delivery terms


The inspection team performs a visual inspection and random material testing of products during the production process. This in-production service check mitigates the failure risk at the final random inspection stage. The check can be done as an independant service or for a more stringent approach, it can be combined with with the "Initial Production Check" and/or "Random Inspection."


TCR Advanced Engineering inspection team performs a final random inspection that comprises of a stringent and detailed visual inspection of goods before any type of shipment. It is generally conducted on samples selected from the defined sampling procedures and on the premises of the manufacturer. The inspection criteria include both quality and quantity, while the marking and packing are based on the client's specifications and reference samples.


To ease product delivery, the TCR Advanced Engineering inspection team offers loading supervision services that include "as appropriate" the checking of the container condition, identification of the loaded packing units with the previously inspected consignment, tallying of the total number of shipping packing units and sealing of the container. Loading Supervision service is offered in combination with the Final Random Inspection


Once the product is ready for shipment, TCR verifies all export logistics, including local documentation, customs, licensing and tariff requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure on-time delivery