Fire Damage Assessment

Fire Damage Assessment

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Fire Damage Assessment


Fire Risk Assessment

Techniques to ascertain the extent of damage due to fire. The construction material used in petrochemical plants is selected based on extensive research and experience and adheres to specific guidelines to meet international standards, which deal with different manufacturing procedures, chemical composition, and mechanical properties.

There are associated complications in the interpretation of microstructures, due to non-enforcement of standards and lack of investigation during procurement. This is the fundamental reason for most equipment to not have any baseline data for microstructures before they are put into service.

It is an established fact that for metals and alloys their chemical composition along with heat treatment conditions has a strong correlation with microstructures. Accidental fire leaves evidence that can be observed in the changes seen in the microstructures of the concerned plant and machinery. Based on this, it is possible to arrive at an accurate judgment on fire-affected and un-affected structures using hardness data and microstructure examination. With this useful information, an informed decision can be taken with regard to the replacement/repair of the component/equipment.

The purpose of Fire Damage Assessment under accidental fire exposure is to estimate:

  • To assess the extent of temperature exposure and estimate the maximum temperature attainable
  • To assess the changes in the microstructure as a result of a fire
  • To judge the changes in the mechanical properties with respect to change in microstructure
  • To assess the extent of damage due to fire and to ensure the worthiness of the component/plant for further use
Scope of Service

Fire Damage Assessment Services

TCR's failure analysis team has industry veterans and senior metallurgists who have deep knowledge and experience in areas like:

  • Fitness For Services as per API 579
  • Redistribution of phases
  • In-situ metallography
  • In-situ hardness survey