Material Testing

Material Testing

TCR Advanced is a trusted testing partner to many of the world's most iconic and recognized brands across various sectors like oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing, power, fertilizer among many others. TCR Advanced has the most comprehensive range of material testing services and is known to offer emergency advisory and critical support in the testing of materials. TCR Advanced's laboratories deliver exhaustive, inter-disciplinary services in the development, processing, characterization, and testing of all materials.

TCR Advanced is equipped with avant-garde

material testing

facilities and has experienced and proficient teams consisting of subject matter experts and industry veterans who help deliver enduring results every time.

Material Testing

NABL Laboratory

The chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, corrosion and Nondestructive services provided by TCR are accredited as per international standard ISO/IEC-17025: 2005 by National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). TCR Advanced Engineering is a NABL Laboratory for over a decade.

Testing professionals at TCR Advanced are well-versed with the requirements of various national & International codes for testing such as IS, ASTM, DIN, EN, API, ASME, AWS.

TCR Advanced has helped many industries with the use of microstructure examination as a quality control tool for determining heat treatment. TCR Advanced has taken a lead in certifying Heat Treatment Quality aspect from the point of view of a microstructure. A conventional acceptance criterion for heat treatment is through hardness testing. However, hardness testing alone can be misleading, since certain unwanted phases and its distribution is not reflected in hardness reading. Fine distribution of phases and its monitoring through microstructure is the only answer for the acceptance of heat treatment that promises desired or extended life of a component.

TCR Advanced routinely conducts tests based on the following standards:

For Chemical: ASTM E 1251, ASTM E415, IS 8811, ASTM E 1086, IS 9879

For Mechanical: ASTM A 370, ASTM E 8, IS 1608, IS 1599, ASTM E 190, ASTM E 290, ASTM E 10, IS 1500, IS 1501, IS 1586, ASTM E 18, ASTM E 384, ASTM E 23, ISO 148-2, EN 10002, EN 910

For Metallurgical: ASTM B 487, ASTM E 112, ASTM E 407, ASTM E 340, ASTM E 1077, IS 6396, ASTM E 562, IS 7754, IS 6416, ASTM E 45

For Corrosion: ASTM A 262, ASTM G 48, ASTM A 923, ASTM B117

For NDT: ASME SEC V, ASTM E 797, ASME SEC XI, ASTM A 609, ASTM A 435, ASTM A 388, ASTM E 709

General: ASTM E 1476

Mechanical Testing

TCR Advanced provides a comprehensive range of mechanical testing services. The mechanical testing facility consists of universal testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Brinell cum Vickers hardness testing machine, Micro Vickers hardness testing machine, Impact testing machine, etc. TCR also conducts a Tensile Test for determining the strength and ductility of the material and provides a precise determination of Proof Stress by the attachment of electronic extensometers. TCR Advanced carries out mechanical tests such as Tensile Test, Welder Qualification test, Welding Procedure Qualification Tests, Bend Tests, Compression Tests, Flaring and Flattening Tests on Universal testing machine.

The mechanical testing teams at TCR Advanced understand the requirements of various national & International codes for testing like IS, ASTM, DIN, EN, API, ASME, AWS. Superior technology, responsive versatility, and quality performance to ensure reliable and fast turnaround to provide quick and accurate test results. Experienced technicians at TCR Advanced are capable of low-stress grinding, machining sub-size specimens, and very close tolerances. TCR has designed several fixtures for tensile testing of end products without machining them to tensile test specimens.

Spectro testing

TCR Advanced is providing Spectro analysis facilities for accurate characterization and identification of metals & alloys. TCR Advanced by wet chemical analysis and by Optical emission spectrophotometer using advanced Spectro lab machine SPECTROMAX is capable of accurately analyzing the iron base, copper base, nickel base, and aluminum base alloys. TCR Advanced has more than 35 Certified Reference Materials (CRM) which ensures the highest accuracy in test results.

TCR Advanced is a leader in material testing and has been recognized by clients all over the globe. TCR is an approved vendor for many public and private sector companies nationally and internationally.

Glass Testing

TCR advanced provides services of Glass testing to various Glass manufacturing industries.

Following testing facilities are available for glass products.
- Breaking /Crushing Load.
- Flexural Strength by 3 point Bending, 4 point bending.
- Chemical Composition.
- Inclusion and Defect analysis by Energy dispersive spectrum.
- Thermal Shock
- Pull Out Load
- Push out Load