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Power Generation
Two types of power plants are there in operation in the country - New power plants and existing power plants commissioned a couple of decades ago. Teething problems of new power plants are of different nature as compared to those of aging power plants and they need to be addressed in a different manner. Power plants have to operate at highest possible efficiency even with the aging pressure parts of the old plants. In case of existing plants the frequent failures of the pressure parts come in the way of long term reliability of pressure parts as well as rotating parts like turbine. Also the carryovers from boiler side to turbine side have to be stopped to prevent the damage to the turbine. Thus a comprehensive knowledge of boiler operation as well as turbine design and operations along with a sound knowledge of material is required to sort the issues of new as well as aging power plants.

TCR Expertise

Central Boiler Board of India has approved TCR Advanced as a well-known remnant life assessment organization and as a renowned material testing laboratory. TCR Advanced has carried out numerous RLA assignments for package boilers, heat recovery boilers, power plant boilers and RLA of compressor rotors and turbines of power plants. Failure investigation department of TCR has solved many cases of failure of boiler tubes and turbine blades.

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